Thomas Linder’s process as a sculptor utilizes wood and fiberglass to create paintings and modular sculptures that interact with their setting’s light sources to activate, reflect, and project translucent planes of color. Linder says that for him this approach comes to parallel painting in the construction and application of medium and pigment. Wood frames are built, fabric is stretched, and pigmented resin is painted, sprayed, or Poured. The sculptural dimensionality of the frames provides space behind and between the translucent planes of color to allow light to pass through, projecting and mixing new colors within and surrounding the work. There is a strong sense of experimentation that flows through the practice, producing many formats, textures, and application through the interaction of these two materials.

Linder’s recent body of work explores the imagery of his past in the midwest with materials and colors of Southern California. Having been heavily influenced by the light-based and finish fetish movement which blossomed in Los Angeles where Linder now lives and works, there is also a strong relationship to his personal history. Growing up actively involved in the family’s greenhouse business, there is a strong correlation to the DIY mentality and architecture of midwestern farming operations. This brings a level of practicality and ease of construction indicative of functionality. Crops of bright flowers inspire color within variations of a grid composition. Treatment of surface is unfinished, rough and textured, providing a loose painterly feel to an otherwise minimal format, inviting the viewer to closer inspection.

Thomas Linder lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the co-founder of BBQLA.

Photo compliments of Aaron Farley. 
Bio compliments of Ibid Gallery.