Somewhere I Have Never Traveled
(a study in transformative precesses)

September 23 - November 4, 2017

H I L D E e.b. is pleased to present “Somewhere I have never traveled” an exhibition by Robert Canali at Hand Space in Oakland, California.
11 years in the making, Canali’s free-form travelogue catalogs the last days of the San Francisco Flower Mart, while simultaneously exhausting his stock of analog photographic materials. These parallel journeys are illustrated by large scale, painterly exposures. A total of 252 sheets of dead stock photo paper and discarded flowers make up the six completed compositions in the exhibition. Canali offers the viewer a complex query about time, recollection, and the rapid advancement of modern life. The moment these flowers hit the light sensitive paper, they became emblematic of transformative processes, a memory of a memory.

“He liked the fragility of those moments suspended in time. Those memories whose only function had been to leave behind nothing but memories.”
Chris Marker, Sans Soleil, 1983

The abstracted moments depicted in these photograms are at once immediate and fleeting. Moments recalling San Francisco’s recent history, “progress,” and erasure — spaces of thorough and dramatic change, life and death. The sunlight blackens the paper as it passes over each petal, leaf, and stem; with no visible white light, the wilting flowers act as thresholds between the viewer and the past long lost, solidifying the moment.