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artnet Asks: HILDE Gallery Owner Hilde Lynn Helphenstein on the Women-Run West Coast Art Scene

…and that one time her gallery became a cult chapel.

Her background as a trained artist and academic is where the traditional ends for HILDE gallery owner Hilde Lynn Helphenstein. In September 2017, 11 months after the opening of HILDE in Los Angeles, Helphenstein unveiled HILDE e.b., a second project space in Oakland. In her spaces, she seeks to spotlight philosophical, poetic quandaries, and provide artists with a platform for “fighting the darker aspects of contemporary culture.” From combating misogyny in the art world to welcoming artists into her home with complete freedom to create, there is an adventurous, unbounded quality evident in her endeavors.



H I L D E e.b. is a curatorial project in Oakland's Downtown District hosted by HANDS, a space for collaboration, exhibition, and performance. We are located at 634 15th Street, Oakland, CA 94612 in the ballroom of the regal Claridge Hotel. On exhibition through November 4th is a solo presentation of Robert Canali

H I L D E  is back:

(57 octaves below middle C)

opens September 9, 2017

HILDE takes summer sabbatical

Dear friends,

It is with gratitude and excitement that we announce that Saturday, July 15th marks the finale of HYDROGENESIS as well as the end of our first season in Los Angeles. Though the gallery will be quiet, we will be busy. As we continue to develop our programming here in LA, we will also be expanding to the Bay Area in September for a special project. Look out for H I L D E e.b. (East Bay!) We are also working to bring new collaborative efforts between Scandinavian artists amidst Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco-based artists. It is an incredibly exciting time. 

We will reopen on September 9th, 2017 in Los Angeles and TBA in the Bay Area. We will remain active on social media and will be sharing some of our studio visits while we are in Sweden and Norway this August. Join us at @hildegallery on Instagram and Twitter. 

Thank you for your support and love in our first year! We look forward to a beautiful relationship. 

-H I L D E 


Pure Shores, Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn, Shark jaws, palm frond, horn 2017  

Pure Shores, Ohlsson/Dit-Cilinn, Shark jaws, palm frond, horn 2017

Photo credit Mario Vasquez, Art & Cake

Photo credit Mario Vasquez, Art & Cake

Hilde Lynn Helphenstein and Nicole Reber in front of Melanie Moczarski's Trees as They Dream of Themselves, 2017.

Hilde Lynn Helphenstein and Nicole Reber in front of Melanie Moczarski's Trees as They Dream of Themselves, 2017.

The second show at one of South Los Angeles’ newest gallery spaces, HILDE L.A., takes up a somewhat sinister image of “the edge of doom” set in one of those bleeding-heart, gushy romantic sonnet sequences of Shakespeare, at least as we usually like to read the Bard at face value.  READ MORE



We may know Frieze Art Fair for their covetable street style and chic opening parties but this year we were determined to discover the artists making waves at the weekend-long art show. To get an expert opinion we asked curator and gallerist-on-the-rise, Hilde Helphenstein, of HILDE Gallery LA, to select five artists that are worth your attention this weekend. READ MORE. 


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