Johanna Friedman,   You're Not Hot Enough To Be That Crazy nr. 7  , 2016, jacquard woven cotton, 38" x 43"

Johanna Friedman, You're Not Hot Enough To Be That Crazy nr. 7, 2016, jacquard woven cotton, 38" x 43"


Mind Control Art Fair @Alter Space

January 12 - 15, 2017 , 12pm - 6 pm
Reception: Friday the 13th, 8 pm - midnight

H I L D E  is pleased to participate in Mind Control, an independent art fair taking place during San Francisco's art fair week January 11-15th, 2017.

During the fair, HILDE will present the paintings of Anna Schachte and the textiles of Johanna Friedman.

Schachte will exhibit a rotation of 12 of her body of 20”x16” paintings that comprise a personal lexicon of symbols and characters. The paintings, vertical and uniform in size, are each autonomous works but also modular components in a linear sequence read left to right, like text. (*FUCK WORK, *WORK WORK, *WORK FUCK, respectively.)

Friedman will exhibit two of her textile works to be hung on both end of Schachte’s paintings. Acting as a “bookend” or some other organizing principle, Friedman’s intricate textile weavings refer back to her recent body of work “You’re Not that Hot to be That Crazy” in which she explores the way in which we compartmentalize our identity and our lives, what is acceptable and what is not.

Anna Schachte,   K (stomping elephant blue,)   2016, oil, canvas, 20" x 16"

Anna Schachte, K (stomping elephant blue,) 2016, oil, canvas, 20" x 16"