Jake Kean Mayman’s tightly-rendered oil paintings center on representations of culturally-held fears and anxieties. Lush color, localized to the hazy sunsets of Los Angeles, and meticulous composition belie an often sinister historical narrative that is the focus of each densely layered painting. Images of figures, events and relationships serve as underpinnings that attach a linear logic of history to the nebulous role of fear in the American psyche.  His process stems from research in which he follows the visual life of a public figure or event, compiling images that have been cycled through mass media. For Kean Mayman, researching these subjects in order to paint them is a way of understanding the past so that parallels may be drawn to the present, a striving to more accurately predict how current events will unfold. Motivated, in part, by a distrust of media channels, the research and the paintings become a mechanism for filtering through manipulated or withheld information.