H I L D E  L.A.
'The Edge of Doom'
April 22 – May 27, 2017

6 – 9PM
Nick Farhi | Louis Fratino | Heidi Hahn
George Kuchar | Kristy Luck | Melanie Moczarski
Nicole Reber | Jennifer Remenchik | Sam Spano  

Louis Fratino, Frog Hollow, 2015

“You know the way animals are, you just accept them. You can’t make any kind of judgment. They are run by instincts. You can’t expect them to behave morally, I don’t think. It likes to eat, it likes to have sex, and it likes food. Don’t expect too much from a thing like that.”
Scarlet Droppings, George Kuchar, 1990

Obsessive love is like a film, there are psychological breakdowns, marital showdowns, and messy obsessions. Who can we trust to portray the journey toward wilted roses, fermented grapes, and wrinkled cheeks? Can it be spoken from the lips of poets or chronicled through fairy tales and daytime soap operas? Is it obscured by the painter’s brush? This exhibition isn’t going to stop at the apex of budding love, nor will it follow love to its conclusion.

These nine artists will jump into the story of love at different stages, telling it through the language of painting and video. Hold tight as we speed down love’s autobahn, go off-roading, and drive over the edge of doom.



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