Aleph and the Rock

Grant Falardeau & Theodore Boyer


We are telling you the story quickly before you leave the rock. It’ll be short and one of the last things you remember, The Human Story. There are many versions you could have been told, but this is the one you need to know. After some time, we woke up in the mud and leaves. It took a minute to stand up. Things were confusing for a while but our eyes began making shapes out of the colors, our nose could discern shit; we heard the cry of the others. When we opened the big hole in our head, a long deep wail confirmed we existed. Back then, our origins were a mystery, though now we know.

While we waited to leave the rock we worked. Giant civilizations came and went. From life until death, we augmented the rocks, boiled the metal, and trained the light. Generation after generation we built under edicts of truth, knowledge, and vision. We know now what they really meant.

In those days, we divided everything into the seen and unseen. As we expanded with the rest of the universe, we built systems to translate our experience. Not all of them worked, largely due to a long-term case of mistaken identity. However, many successful attempts led us to more than one functioning system, although we were not prepared to use the technology. The process was slow, meticulous, and often self-destructive.

The Aleph is our first and most eternal system. It is the primordial “1” which contains all letters and numbers. It sequences itself through a nebulous of synchronistic systems and communicates in every language. As you travel across the Aleph, notice how it cradles everything, tearing through the silent void.

It is time to move on now. We wish you a safe and positive journey on your departure. Please remember to leave all of your belongings behind. Welcome all Trans-Alephian Citizens.