Abraham & Sons, Inc.

(Steve Hash and Stephen Neidich)
May 12 - June 16, 2018
*Opening reception Saturday May 12, 6-9pm  

Our work has an excellent reputation in the community with thousands of satisfied collectors; as our goal is to be the highest value providers of global contemporary art. We strive to deliver high-quality fabrication in order to satisfy all your material and aesthetic needs. Our clean, neat and courteous sculpture has been praised by the most demanding of critics. We are fully educated and insured artists who provide work from foundation to finish. We use only top notch materials combined with top notch craftsmanship to ensure a lasting artwork for the client to enjoy for years and years. It is a fact that nothing can take the place of artwork created in a timely manner. The end result always being a great relationship with art history, lasting decades or even centuries to come.

Abraham & Sons, Inc. is LA’s leading commercial exhibition by Steve Hash and Stephen Neidich. These guys boast an expansive portfolio of art objects throughout the Los Angeles area. We’ve got cement, marble, resin, and steel. Expect an exhibition of precision. Expect beautified proportions. Expect the utmost expertise. When you think art, think Abraham & Sons, Inc.

 “When you think art, think Abraham & Sons, Inc.” We put #1 in our quality premium cotton customized shirts. Scream it loud. Scream it proud, (with fear and trembling, naturally,) “I love A&S!”BUY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

“When you think art, think Abraham & Sons, Inc.” We put #1 in our quality premium cotton customized shirts. Scream it loud. Scream it proud, (with fear and trembling, naturally,) “I love A&S!”BUY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!


'Metaxis Uber Pool'

March 10 – May 18, 2018

Eve Ackroyd | Melissa Brown | Lindsay Burke | Anthony Cudahy

Elizabeth Ferry | Haley Josephs| Hein Koh | Jaime Loera

Adam Novak| Hiba Schahbaz | Lauren Seiden

Michael Stamm | Kyle Staver | Sarah Thibault

H I L D E is pleased to announce the opening of their first project in Houston, TX in collaboration with Tienda X on March 10, 2018. The exhibition 'Metaxis Uber Pool*' will display the work of 16 contemporary artists working in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. The artists include Eve Ackroyd, Melissa Brown, Lindsay Burke, Anthony Cudahy, Elizabeth Ferry, Haley Josephs, Hein Koh, Jaime Loera, Adam Novak, Hiba Schahbaz, Lauren Seiden, Michael Stamm, Kyle Staver, and Sarah Thibault.

Seagull, Beach, Phone-oil on canvas-24x30in-2018.jpg

Imagine laying on the beach in Malibu scrolling through pictures of your childhood crush on Google images. All of the sudden a seagull lands next to you. Startled by nature’s intrusion you realize it would be really great to snap a selfie with the bird. Leaning in for the shot, he looks at you like you are absurd and flies away. The picture is a total waste! You’ve got a double chin and he’s just blur.  So much for getting your best side. Slightly irritated that you’ll never be able to post the picture online, you get back to scrolling. You wonder what your sophomore crush is doing at this very moment. It occurs to you, the picture would have been the perfect opener to reconnect. “Hey so and so, remember the time we all went on that field trip in Mr. Steven’s class? I’m on Malibu beach and this seagull reminded me of…” and you stop. You’ve got no way to tie it to them without sounding creepy; you don’t even have a good picture. Remembering you’re actually at the beach, you put your phone down. There’s nothing to do but draw a picture of a seagull in the sand.

Metaxis Uber Pool explores the re-emergence of figurative art as it has come through Modernism, emerged beyond post-Modernism, and now operates in the realm of Metamodernism. As art’s relationship to time and physical space continue to oscillate between technology and IRL, figuration and portraiture are dominating the moment’s aesthetic. Technology is woven throughout the works creating a scientific-poetic synthesis. Metamodernism’s impact on the body is evident in the way these artists embrace feelings, mythology, naivety, sincerity, and the time famine.

Tienda Logo.png

Tienda X is an exhibition space giving voice to international contemporary artists. It was created by Houston-based interior designer Garrett Hunter and architect Michael Landrum. Both Landrum and Hunter share a passion for art, design, and obscure treasures. Tienda X is located in the beautiful Montrose neighborhood of Houston neighboring the Rothko Chapel and the Menil Collection. 

Tienda X is located at 1420 W. Alabama Street, Houston, TX. Metaxis Uber Pool will be on view through April 14, 2018. For further information go to www.hilde.co. All images are subject to copyright. Gallery approval must be granted prior to reproduction.